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Studio Series 

A place to showcase each of these concept driven designs, every design driven by a different concept and fabricated with textiles and materials as seen fit by designer Paige Petrosso. In addition, showcasing the 2d aspects of these designs along with other projects.

Please email for inquiries about pieces or designs. 

Don't Fear What's in the Cards

2D portfolio work done for Don't Fear What's in the Cards.  

View Collection Images Here 

A Common Thread 

Mini collection inspired by the global isolation collectively experienced and finding community during separation


Evening-wear constructed from rectangular pattern pieces. Luxurious and luminous green satin that catches light indoors and out. 

Photographed by Paige Petrosso. Modeled by Kate Petrosso. 


A luminous, cloud like cocktail dress made from yards of bubble wrap and lit up by individual fiber optics. 

Photographed by Kate Petrosso. Modeled by Molly Brewer. 

Primark Project 

Done for a product development project, including a five piece collection designed for the Primark Customer. There is a trend board, mood board, illustrations, and technical drawings.